How to slow down music for practise

To create a slowed down version of music that you found on the Internet, there are two major steps:

1. Capturing the audio

2. Slowing down the tempo (without altering pitch)

Capturing the audio


If it is a YouTube video, the simplest way is to use a Web service, such as Just type in the YouTube address, an mp3 file will be in your download folder in a minute or two.


If your audio is an SW Pepper production, you need an application that captures the audio from the internal computer speakers. I have had success with audacity: simply start recording in audacity before starting to play. Save the file from the file menu.


Changing the speed


Speed changer1. On the fly, use speed shifter with its nifty metronome interface

Use the file menu to select your audio file, play and use the “metronome” setting to control the speed of playback.


2. Create a file to play slower (or faster) using the application.

You can use Windows Media Player or Apple’s Garage Band, but I found Audacity easier.

Just open your file, select the content, hit the stop button, from Effects menu choose “change tempo”. set the change e.g. -30% and save from the file menu.


 An example

Sunshine band members will enjoy Instant Concert by the South Australia Police Band

The captured mp3 is here

 And at 70% speed