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About me

I am a retired Maverick, living in Peterborough Ontario. I have degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and Music as well as some formal business training. I worked about 15 years in the little known discipline of Operations Research: production planning and scheduling of paper mills and computer models for planning CN's expansion in western Canada. I also did some teaching at College and University level. I moved on to the little understood field of "Artificial Intelligence", leading several simple projects at CN. Before retirement, I worked on the development of a GSM protocol stack for cell phones. Now I play with grandkids, music, computers, writing, and stuff.

At Cambridge University, I was privileged to work on (arguably) the first programmed electronic computer - EDSAC computerthe EDSAC. Languages were assembly and FORTRAN. The operating system was a human operator feeding programs one at a time into a paper tape reader: eager programmers queued with their programs on punched paper tape wrapper around their fingers.

Later I learned PL1, SIMSCRIPT (my favourite), C and many more languages and worked on many more computer systems.
My first Web pages, while working on Master of Music at McGill University were in HTML as it was in 1996: forms were new and I used them to conduct experiments in Auditory Perception over the Web - the demos were synthesised using Csound. Illustrations were displayed with carefully hand-crafted HTML, written in a text editor, and C programs processed data from the forms - such was the state of the art in 1996! 

This site is in part an exercise in upgrading my Web skills from "old" HTML to CMS and stylesheets. I tried Weebly, Word Press, WYSIGIG Web Builder and Drupal: chose Joomla for its power, flexibility, extensions and consistent documentation. I am very impressed with the power of Joomla! and even more by the variety of extensions and their consistency - it was a good choice.