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MandolinMandolin Society of Peterborough

The Mandolin Society of Peterborough is a community group of fun-loving mandolin players, brought together by Curtis Driedger in 2003, and still enthusiastically directed by him. We have about 20 members playing various instruments from the mandolin family, including a mando bass and a mandocello.

See also the entry in Wikipedia.

We usually give two concerts a year, as well as performing at Community events.



Here we are at rehearsal in May 2016MSOP 2016 April 24 practice stitch 4 straightened cropped 

And here you can listen to the first piece in the concert


You may listen to the tunes of the 2011 Christmas concert below. 

Jingle Bell Rock

My Favourite Things

Y Gelynnen (a lovely Welsh carol)

I have made an arrangement of three Catalan Folksongs, suitable for this orchestra. 

I created the scores using the public domain music notation program Musescore, an amazing WYSIWYG notation editor. The scores are saved on the Musecore site. See and hear them played by musescore robots: Catalan songs.

And here is my arrangement of Guardame Las Vacas by C16 Spanish composer Luis de Narvaez.  Sorry, but the robots do not yet know how to play tremolo!

All were performed at the Spring concert in 2013 - sorry, we cannot find the recordings.

For 2014, I turned to my grandmother's songbook, published by "The New Chronicle" probably in the 1920s. I picked four songs from the northeast of England - The Tynside medley.

And, as a challenge for the orchestra, I made an arrangement of Audite Nova - a Renaissance song by Orlando di Lasso.  

We performed them at our "spring" 2014 concert in April - do not have recordings yet.

Finally, here is a link to two arrangements and an original for 2015.