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There is a reason for this page!?

I wrote an arrangement of "Guadarme las Vacas" for a mandolin orchestra. I thought that it would be fun to play a synthesised alpine meadow during the introduction and start of the piece, and maybe also at the end. 

My early attempts at cowbell sounds programmed in Csound are here.

Single cowbell

A few cowbells

For an alpine meadow, I wrote a simple perl program to generate a Csound score file with several simulated cows moving around in space. The program uses lots of randomness in the timing and loudness of the bells. Each cow has its own defined frequency with some variation. The main challenge was to produce sufficient volume without distortion when bells happened to collide. Here is the result which was used to entertain the audience at the spring 2013 concert.

10 cows

Selected cowbell stuff on the Internet

From Switzerland

An alpine meadow


Cows in another meadow


How a Swiss cowbell is made

Buying a cowbell (or two)

There are quite a few stores advertising cowbells on the Internet. This store is fun because you can listen to several bells from Norway.

You can also buy them as instruments from a music store, for example.

Do people make music/entertain with cowbells? 

This song, "more cowbells" is hilarious.

From Zermatt, we have a marching band with cowbells, and from a beer cellar in Munich we have a Bavarian cowbell song.